Nuno Bravo Martins

Expert Mechanic

First class mechanic Nuno Bravo Martins has 19 years of experience working for an official Ferrari Dealer, where through his work he made himself a world-class specialist, with unique skills in car diagnostics and problem solving.

In 2018 he earned a place among Ferrari’s Top 10 best mechanics worldwide and is, with José Luis de Barros, half of a team without equal in Portugal in terms of knowledge of the cars and what needs to be done so they can fulfill their maker’s purpose.

José Luis de Barros

Expert Mechanic

Just like Enzo Ferrari himself, first class mechanic José Luis de Barros started at Alfa Romeo, where he soon developed a deep passion for Italian cars. Moving into an official Ferrari dealer, where he stayed for 17 consecutive years, always striving to do more and be a better technician, made him the country’s leading expert in classic Ferraris and responsible for keeping dozens of vintage models from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s on the road.

He is half of an unbeatable team – with Nuno Bravo Martins – that can, like no other, offer a high quality service to the most demanding clients.

Nuno Seabra Coelho

Customer Service & Parts Manager

With a background in computer and business management, Nuno S. Coelho was in charge of the parts department and supplier relations at an official Ferrari dealer for a period of 13 years.

No one else in Portugal has such a depth of knowledge about everything concerning chassis numbers, assembly numbers and parts references for all Ferrari models.